Favorite/Thor2012. 5. 25. 23:45

Did you miss me...??

Posted by logosles

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  1. Intruder

    Yes!! I missed ya so much!!! XOXO
    Funny tho I never commented you before all while along peepin on your blog, Im a Big Fan of you!!
    Always many thanks to your Thorki fan arts! Muax
    -Intruder from somewhere out there

    2012.05.30 18:22 [ ADDR : EDIT/ DEL : REPLY ]
    • wow! hi! you, Intruder. thank you very much for your comment!!! Very kind of you.
      It's odd, but I like my Thorki fan arts too...haha....=////= wanna draw more and more!

      2012.05.30 23:18 신고 [ ADDR : EDIT/ DEL ]